How confident are you in your strategic plan for the upcoming year? The first quarter of the year is that hopeful time when we communicate our ambitions and goals to our distributors. We hope that everything we learned from the previous year will pave the way for success in future years. We hope we have more information about the current market so that we can make the necessary adjustments for the upcoming year.

But, sometimes the road map to a more successful future does not feel so sure (or clear). The current market is changing, becoming more consolidated, complex and difficult to navigate. As the landscape is changing, tried and true strategies, like distributor incentives, don’t work resulting in the need to further discount prices. Often, when your annual plan is built on shaky ground, it is the perfect time to hit the reset button.

In addition to everything you are doing, I recommend that you take an honest inventory of your efforts and the chance that you will succeed. This includes having candid conversations with your distributors about the effectiveness of the plans and goals that you have communicated.

Through my experience with Palmateer Consulting clients, I found that having an outside, knowledgeable, strategic perspective helps companies reset. A reset often necessitates both a solid understanding of current market conditions as well as well-honed industry knowledge. Whether it’s setting a new course or finetuning a current strategy, I am well equipped to help you make the adjustments necessary to move your brand forward confidently.

I am available to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals.

Gordon Palmateer, Palmateer Consulting LLC

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Palmateer Consulting LLC provides innovative and comprehensive operational, distribution and marketing strategies to domestic and international wineries and to wine regions. We couple creative excellence and business acumen with more than 35 years of wine industry experience in distribution, marketing and sales.

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