The growing demand for “in-market support” mandated by distributors in order to sell your brand has become a costly undertaking for producers. Distributors often find themselves lacking the capacity to promote your wine in alignment with your strategic vision.

Over the past 14 years, I have successfully recruited and collaborated with more than 50 effective and ineffective sales brokers across the United States. By evaluating their communication skills, market insights, and recommendations, I have developed a keen understanding of distinguishing high-performing brokers from those who excel in rhetoric alone.

Sales brokers navigate a complex landscape, balancing relationships with suppliers and customers. Their primary loyalty lies with their customers, and secondarily, in building your brand as you envision it. Effective brokers foster strong trade account relationships and are less dependent on the distributor to sell products. They will engage in discussions about buyer tendencies and reactions to your wine, whereas less effective brokers may focus on results from their distributor meetings.

Other factors that can impact your successful relationship with a sales broker include:

  1. Established demand for your brand in the market
  2. Their relationship with the distributor assigned to your market
  3. The compensation provided, including commission, monthly retainer, bonus, and expense reimbursement
  4. The agreement you sign to protect them in case of termination

If you are a producer seeking effective sales, allow me to assist you in developing your salesperson strategy, recruiting, and implementation.

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