What type of business are you?

International or domestic producer seeking to launch its brand in the U.S.

International or domestic producer seeking to change importers or distributors in the U.S.

International or domestic producer seeking to hire a full-time sales manager.

Our Company

Unlike importers dealing with numerous brands, Palmateer Consulting focuses on a select group of non-competing brands. This approach enables us to deliver the exceptional service our clients anticipate.
Palmateer Consulting operates on a retainer basis and requires reimbursement for pre-approved expenses.

Palmateer Consulting will meticulously model the costs involved from shipping point to consumer, including all associated expenses, and will also calculate the return on investment for our clients.

Palmateer Consulting specializes in business-to-business sales. However, we can provide referrals to companies that focus on direct-to-consumer sales.

Importers and Distributor Contacts

Consulting actively maintains contact with around 200 importers and distributors to promote your brand.
With over 30 years of industry experience, Palmateer and his team are adept at understanding customer needs and effectively communicating pertinent information, ensuring successful introductions to US importers and distributors.

With over 15 years of experience, Palmateer Consulting has managed numerous projects involving dissatisfaction with current importers and transitioning to new relationships. Additionally, Palmateer Consulting can provide referrals to US attorneys for legal advice.

Palmateer Consulting has the experience and know how to help our clients in a handful of states or every state.
Palmateer Consulting exclusively focuses on business-to-business sales. However, we can refer you to companies or individuals specializing in direct-to-consumer sales.

Importation, Compliance & Back Office

Palmateer Consulting is licensed for importing and distributing, allowing us to aid clients in shipping wine and samples to the US. Additionally, we hold a license for distribution, facilitating assistance to clients in selling and shipping wine to California trade accounts.
Palmateer Consulting has established accounts with major alcohol beverage public warehouses, offering storage solutions for your wine in the U.S.
Since 2009, Palmateer Consulting has been managing state-by-state compliance and offers this service as part of our comprehensive offerings.
Palmateer Consulting is proficient in managing all back-office needs for our clients, including importation, warehouse, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and compliance.


Throughout our client relationships, Palmateer has successfully recruited senior-level national managers to state managers.
Palmateer Consulting maintains a database of over 50 active part-time sales managers across the U.S. and can introduce them to our clients as needed.